“666 Photography: Virgin Queens and High-Camp Divas” by Gayla Partridge – Book Review

666 Photography Virgin Queens and High-Camp Divas by Gayla Partridge Cover

666 Photography: Virgin Queens and High-Camp Divas,” by Gayla Partridge is a picture book of glamour images for lovers of pin-up photography.  The book is 176 pages of photos reminiscent of the rowdy German 1920’s cabaret shots and the glory day photos of American Pin-up done in the 1940’s and 50’s.

All this in a colorful modernized hardcover form chock full of photographs of beautifully posed and made up women.  Yum!

What the book lacks areany substantial explanations for how she actually arranges her photos, lighting or style.

Nada …

That is, the book is not instructional.

Gayla’s sets are elaborate built up jobs full of colorful imagery and kitsch like merry-go-round horses and flapper like ballet dancers in elegantly feathered tutus.

Frankly, I love her accessories, many of which are specially crafted for her shoots.

The book is a good-sized 12 inches by 8 inches, very light on words and heavy on images with over 160 pages of full-page and two page spread images.

If you like quirky colorful  photographs of beautiful women, lots of implied nudity, glamour, pinups and boudoir styles, then this is a great book for one to have lying on the coffee table or otherwise ready to pull out for bits of inspiration or for pleasure viewing.

I recommend “Virgin Queens and High-Camp Divas” highly to all lovers of these kinds of images who not looking for a how to book.

You can buy or peruse one by clicking here.


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