“1000 Pin-Up Girls” Taschen 25th Anniversary – Book Review

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Front Cover

Taschen’s “1000 Pin-Up Girls” is  576 pages of fun pin-up reprints.

The contents are largely of covers and pages from what passed for girlie magazines and the like back in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and on into the early 70’s.

The book’s pages are generally full-page reprints of these magazines’ pages and covers.

The book comes with a high quality fold over paperback cover.  The fold over part has some jacket writing on it is all … The hard cover book by a similar title is not the same book.

At a little under 8 tall, by 6 wide, by 2 inches thick and with close to 600 pages its a hefty bundle almost three pounds in weight.

About 1/2 of the pages are from covers of magazines like “Beauty Parade”, “Eyeful”, “Flirt”, “Titter”, “Wink” and “Whisper.”

The other 1/2 are full-page reprints of magazine content pages.

1000 Pin-Up Girls, Page 369, black and white, detective story, damsel in distress, Taschen

Page 369

The content pages selected are usually of photo filled, some with a few editorial words ( often fictional ) which serve to lend a touch of excitement and context to the photo spreads …

In the front of the volume, there is a brief editorial on the book content printed on alternating pages up until page 47.

1000 Pin-Up Girls, Rear Cover, Taschen, Red Bandana, Bikini

Rear Cover

The rest of the book is devoted to purely magazine cover and content reprints.

This first section of the book has on the non editorial pages cover page reprints as well.

So, there are a lot of picture pages here …

Well, I use the word picture lightly.

Of the actual pictures (read Photographs) in the book, these tend to be of the black and white variety … detective like or often campy.

1000 Pin-Up Girls, Page 531, Flirt, Fresh Magazine, June, Cover, Cover Art, red dress, Pin-up

Page 531 - Flirt Cover

Most of the color images are air brush art pin-up of various women in scantily clad poses of what passed for as sexy as one could get back in the day … and is coming back huge by way of pinup photography today.

If you are a fan of this style of memorabilia, or if you’re looking for the occasional inspirations for some pin-up shoots you may be considering, this is a sweet purchase.

1000 Pin-Up Girls” is a fun inexpensive book (about $10-11 new at Amazon) for those interested in such nostalgia or looking for some pin-up inspiration.

To peruse or buy on Amazon, click here.

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2 Responses to “1000 Pin-Up Girls” Taschen 25th Anniversary – Book Review

  1. Grozni Albero says:

    Is it too much difficult to post the year of the Flirt magzine issue?

  2. Yucel says:

    There are many Flirt covers … and, they do not seem to be so keen on highlighting the year…

    Perhaps, they were initially intended to be enjoyed hot off the news stands?

    Remember news stands? Ah, nostalgia of years gone by…

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