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Art Nudes from Sometimes Stock Photographer ‘Wesfoto’ Wes VanDinter of Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas based Wes VanDinter is a Stock Photographer and Teacher of a Digital Photography Class at College of Southern Nevada from, who has been shooting photos for just over 10 years now, mainly for the love of it. Love … especially … Continue reading

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Nikon D7000 Memory speed tests, SDHC Memory Cards: including Sandisk Extreme Pro UHS Speed Class 1 45MB/Sec and Several Popular Class 10 SDHC Cards

So, the D7000 DX sensor format camera body has a hundred shot built in memory buffer, right? Not exactly, this buffer size, in number of pictures depends on photo quality. When shooting High Resolution RAW Nikon NEF images in 14 … Continue reading

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Sensual and Erotic Art Images by Professional Fashion Photographer Michael Steiner of Designfactory – Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Munich, Germany’s Michael Steiner, a professional photographer whose clients include:  magazines, companies from all branches and fashion labels, is sharing with us 8 very sensual images of women. His ongoing love affair with the taking of beautiful photographs began for Michael … Continue reading

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“Nylon Girls” – Erotic Fashion Photography © 2010 by Christine Kessler, with introduction by Eric Kroll a Book Review

“Nylon Girls” © 2010 by Christine Kessler, with a quinta lingual one page introduction by Erotic Photographer Eric Kroll, has in fine print at top of cover, “Erotic Fashion Photography.” The Amazon product description of “Nylon Girls” is sparse and … Continue reading

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Art Nudes from Photographer Billy Monday of Frederick, MD USA

Billy Monday has been interested in photography pretty much for his whole life. Billy’s father, an engineer, worked briefly  for Argus Camera, the company which pioneered and popularized 35mm photography in the United States. During the during ’60s and ’70s, being … Continue reading

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“H2O” Underwater Photography by Howard Schatz of Glamour Art Nudes in Swimming Pools a Book Review

“H2O” © 2007 is the third of Howard Schatz’s pool nude book series and is a valued addition to my collection of coffee table glamour photography books. At over 178 10″ by 14″ pages, this is a book long on photographs and short on … Continue reading

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Fantasy Photo Manipulations with Before and After Retouch Example by Digital Artist Eithné Ní Anluaín – Dundalk, Louth, Ireland

Eithné Ní Anluaín is a Photoshop wizard extraordinaire who pushes the boundaries between fantasy and reality. In 2009 by mere chance, she started doing some digital art with Photoshop Elements 6. Yay … right!? It didn’t take her long to set herself up with a high … Continue reading

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Full frame vs crop sensor what is the future for DSLR’s?

What is the future of crop sensor and full frame ( 35mm x 24mm ) size sensor formats for digital technologies? Will the full size sensors dominate the professional digital photography world for always, or will the crop sensors push them on out, much as … Continue reading

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Black and White Art Nude Figure Studies by Photographer Igor Amelkovich – Chelyabinsk, Russia

Russian photographer Igor Amelkovich likes to photograph nudes of self-assured women subjects who are comfortable in sharing their beauty. With two artistic interests: landscape photography and the nude, Igor feels “a woman is nature’s concentrated form of beauty.” His textures … Continue reading

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“Water Dance” by Howard Schatz’s – In Pool Art Nude Photos of Dancers Book Review

“Water Dance” © 1996 is a ground breaking book by Howard Schatz, in which are published some of the images which started the now popular nudes in pools photos we now see in so many great photographer’s portfolios, and in … Continue reading

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Photos from Leah Hilton Full Time Professional Nude Model – Providence, Rhode Island, USA

To help kick off Super Bowl Sunday, we have 12 luscious photos from the portfolio of full-time nude model Leah Hilton.  Better than half time Budweiser beer commercials, right?   Like a Brittany Spears or a Madonna, Leah is devoted to working … Continue reading

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9 Tips, How does one find and shoot nude models?

A lot of photographers are interested to know how they too can shoot nude women … I know I was. At first, finding nude models to photograph may seem a bit daunting… So, how can it be done? 1> Be a … Continue reading

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Haute Glamour Images of Aspiring Model Maria Sulkin – Clifton, New Jersey, US

Maria Sulkin, rising star and aspiring model, began modeling about a year ago and claims to have fallen in love with her newly found place before the camera … Who can blame her? Currently living in Clifton, New Jersey, US … Continue reading

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