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Photographs of Classically Ballet Trained Blonde Glamour Model Eleazia Korbel – Sarasota, Florida USA

We have 11 gorgeous photographs, courtesy of professional Florida Model Eleazia Korbel, with which to ring out the old year and ring in the new. Eleazia is an enigma in todays prototypical modeling world and is our featured model for this our last post … Continue reading

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“Creative Learning TV: Beginner’s Photoshop” – Book Review

“Creative Learning TV: Beginner’s Photoshop” is one of those how to manuals on photoshop that I actually was able to learn a bit from.  Many of the books on photoshop are reference books full of keystroke shortcuts and other lists useful to … Continue reading

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10 Art Nude glamour photos by Photographer John Milton – Dallas, Texas – Figure and Fine Art Photography

John Milton is a Dallas, Texas, USA based photographer whose work fuses fine art and figure photography resulting in beautiful images of the female form. He feels specialization results in excellence and excellence is his goal.  While much of his … Continue reading

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Fine examples of glamour art photography courtesy of Belgian photographer Aegipan

For our viewing pleasures are 8 excellent examples of fine glamour art photography by Belgian photographer Aegipan. Aegipan is a glamour and fine art photographer located in Charleroi, Hainaut, Belgium and with an eye for shooting sensuous feminine curves in stark … Continue reading

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Rolando Gomez’s “Posing Techniques for Glamour Photography” – Book Review

How does a photographer direct a model’s or client’s pose? “Posing Techniques for Glamour Photography ” by Rolando Gomez was one of my first posing guides as I got back into the swing of Glamour Photography a couple years back. … Continue reading

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David Busch’s “Nikon D90 Guide to Digital SLR Photography” – Book Review

“Nikon D90 Guide to Digital SLR Photography” by David Busch was for me an invaluable resource to understanding and navigating the complexities of my Nikon D90.  The D90 DX format sensor camera is not my first Nikon.  I had used for several years … Continue reading

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12 Glamour Photo Lighting Demonstration Video Tutorials

Starts with Beauty Dish, adds reflectors and hair lights and shows effects of adding each.   Two Light High Key Demo for Blonde Glamour Model, Main Light is Large 74″ Elinchrom Octabox with a second light to light a seamless white … Continue reading

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The Line between Art Nude and Pornographic Obscene, Where is it?

Sometimes it can be down right entertaining to see the vehemence with which a person will share exactly what the difference is between a fine classy nude and a base piece of obscenity. Now what changes is the how this story plays out in different … Continue reading

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Photographs are frozen 2D representations of 3D events flowing in the 4th Dimension of time

While a fully retouched glamour photograph may be a thing of beauty indeed, it is a frozen two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional person, who in reality lives a life flowing through time. The point is, a photograph is not a person. While a photo may or may not look … Continue reading

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Blonde Blue Eyed Glamour Model Head Shot, Before and After Retouch with Photoshop CS5

What we have here is a lovely blonde bombshell of a gorgeous model, nice starting point, yay! This does not get us home even after getting a nicely lit shot in the camera. What went into the photo? Professional Model … Continue reading

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Links to Yucelphoto

Link backs here: Many of the linking service do not require link backs, some do, and some give you a boost in their rankings for providing a link back. Anyone else use any link/list/referral services? Any pros or cons for … Continue reading

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Catchlights What’s your favorite set up? Octoboxes, Grids, Ring Lights, Umbrellas, Soft Boxes, Beauty Lights, Florescent Tubes?

  In my initial quest for the softest light quality, I went first via the route of seeking and trying ever larger light diffusion systems which I could reasonably find … Having tried several light modifiers, the quest for larger and softer culminated for me with what Paul C. Buff … Continue reading

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Compositional Elements in Photography – 12 Video Demos – Depth of Field, Rule of Thirds, Golden Mean aka Phi, Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Spirals, 1:1.618, etc.

Woodward shares photo compositional theories using photo examples inlcuding:  Variations of “Rule of Thirds,” Frames within Frames, Pose Directions, Diagonals, Swishes, S Curves, Vanishing Points, etc. Sound volume is a bit low, otherwise phenomenal Video Demo on these topics.   … Continue reading

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