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How does flash duration and freezing movement depend on the model, type and power output of your flash units?

This weekend shooting a jumping model into the sunset created images failed  in freezing motion.  Further, the heavy DOF (depth of field) of shooting at F22 rendered dust on the lens filter easily visible throughout the blue sky.

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How to work with and direct a model for emotional impact in a glamour photo shoot.

An actor, like Clark Gable kissing Vivian Leigh while filming a movie such as “Gone with the Wind,” is acting.  What kinds of things may one imagine a motion picture film director like Paul Verhoeven saying as he directs actress Sharon Stone in “Basic Instinct,” a film dripping with sexual over … Continue reading

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How to pose like a model – 12 Video Posing Guides

12 great videos demonstrating how to pose and be expressive as a model.  Posing is very kinesthetic and visual, combining movement and acting punctuated with standing stalk still.   Therefore, videos are an outstanding medium to aid our understanding and learning of posing skills. Applicable for those contemplating modeling.  Be … Continue reading

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“Posing for the Camera,” by Harriett Shepard and Lenore Meyer – Book Review

When taking photographs of people, we must address the issues of posing.  Aspiring and professional models must know or learn how to pose. Regardless of a model’s posing abilities, only the photographer has the camera’s eye view of things. While … Continue reading

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Take care in your photography, you may be photographing the soon to be rich and famous

Every photograph taken is important and many last much longer than anyone ever imagines. Seeing is believing. Just take in an eyeful of these youthful photographs of today’s rich and famous as children and teens. How many of these kids do you recognize?     … Continue reading

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Expression in a Photograph, what’s its purpose? How do we do it?

Whatever the kind of photography, be it glamour, boudoir, fashion, product, nude, editorial, etc., if it involves photographs of people, the range, depth,  context and sincerity of expressions are vitally important to the final images. As a model, it is thus … Continue reading

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Having taken photos… how and where to display, distribute, store, sell and or print them?

Where to house our portfolios?  How to handle printing?  How to provide ease of access to our clients and friends of our photographs? These are questions all photographers must grapple and come to terms with. As with most electronic technology, the world … Continue reading

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Stopped Up or Down? Depth of Field, Sensor Size, Aperture, Sharpness and Publication size, how do these interact in Photographs?

What are some real life practical examples of how lens aperture affects Depth of Field (DOF) and various forms of apparent sharpness? Changing apertures, sensors sizes or lens focal lengths have real world implications for several forms of distortion effects … Continue reading

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Rear Curtain Flash Sync and Slow Shutter Speed To Catch Ambient Light Ambiance

More light may be captured in cameras as a function of primarily four things:   larger apertures, more sensitive recording medias, slower shutter speeds and more available lights. It was surprisingly elucidating to observe Phoenix, Arizona area wedding photographer Kenneth Robert’s methods for capturing and maintaining ambiance and moods inherent with … Continue reading

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All Women are Beautiful – Before and After Make Over

As styling and photographic specialists, it is part of our gift and privilege to brighten the shine of and capture with images the beauty innate in all women.  We generally accomplish this one woman at a time.  It is very rewarding indeed to see these ladies glow … Continue reading

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How To Apply Makeup for Glamour Photography – 12 Video Tutorials For Men and Women

12 great how to video tutorials, on Glamour Photography Makeup for Men and Women. High quality video, how to create a glamourous green smokey look on the eyes. Several Before and After Makeup shots demonstrate how anyone with great makeup may look … Continue reading

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