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How to best pose a model’s hands?

The hands are the third most eye-catching element in photographs of people, after only eyes and mouths.  As you might thus imagine, the posing of the hands is a vital element of glamour photography.  So how do we do pose the hands to insure … Continue reading

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What draws attention in a glamour photograph?

What draws eyes and grabs attention in photos? If you guessed eyes and faces, you are correct. However, this is a generalized starting point. Composition is important. For example, much is written about the “Rule of Thirds” in visual composition.

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How to create a good pose for your photography session?

So, you wanna make pictures… how are you going to create a pose?  This is a common question for models and photographers alike.  Of course you need to be sure to work on expressions. We have talked separately about expressions and … Continue reading

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Two Different Colored Eyes Before and After Post Processing with Photoshop

Yes, this woman actually does have two different colored eyes. We shot the photograph, near Scottsdale, Arizona in my Fountain Hills studios, using a Paul C. Buff ring flash for key lighting. The version on the left is a small jpg … Continue reading

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What difference does Photoshop make?

Since shooting strictly digital photography in Phoenix for over a year and a half now, there has been a great deal to learn versus the days of film.  One of these things to learn being post processing, aka retouching, much of it … Continue reading

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What makes a photo popular on Model Mayhem 100 Plus Lists

Sitting here in Phoenix putting together a Glamour Photography Studio, it is very interesting to me what makes a photograph popular. There are photographs many would consider great, and yet they are often not so popular… why? I wasn’t so … Continue reading

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Paul C. Buff Cyber Commander CyberSync Initial Set Up

While the Cyber Commander CyberSync System is proving easy in use once configured, initial setup out of the box for me here in Phoenix with Paul C. Buff’s Flash Trigger Transmitter and Receivers was not at all intuitive.  Having read the instruction manual, I turned … Continue reading

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Cyber Commander Flash Trigger and CyberSync Flash Remote System by Paul C. Buff

Buff has been my primary lighting supplier for a while now.  Generally, I have been quite pleased with the Buff strobe’s performance and ease of use and most especially their excellent customer service.  For triggers, I had not gone the … Continue reading

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How to prepare yourself for a shoot

The process of preparing for a shoot is in and of itself a huge confidence builder.  What I have learned during my experience doing glamour photography in Phoenix is, when your confidence is higher, you are more relaxed and your shoots go swimmingly well.     Preparation … Continue reading

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John Foley Editorial Photography Shoot

A great deal of what I have learned about glamour photography has been from the words, photographs and observation of other photographers.   As so much may be learned while quietly watching someone else work, I was fortunate, this past weekend, to have the honor and privilege of observing fellow Phoenix photographer … Continue reading

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